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Mr. Sujan Kunwar founded Sajha Entertainment in his studio apartment on 11 February 2017 and now he leads the company with a team of 8 members. The company was established with the sole purpose of promoting Nepali talents. Sajha Entertainment owns and maintains a YouTube channel which has over 45 thousand subscribers and more than 4.9 million views as of today. Through the company YouTube channel, we have interviewed celebrities and participated in events that included promotion of major movies like Prem Geet 2, Meri Mamu, Sayekada Das etc.

The company took a break for a year because of a personal reason but we are back now with more trending videos than before.

Why this programme?

Most of our generations could not capture the childhood memories photos and videos due to of lack of technology. And I believe the stories we hear form these elderly people could be an inspirational to the future generation.

Most of the historical photos and documentaries that are available to us have come from foreign which we are hoping to change though this programme (Katha Hijo Ko).

Big media houses like Animal Planet, History and National Geography are capturing such history throughout the world but we do not have any local such media to document our own history. And our quest is to become one of the first local producers to capture history from these legends.

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What We Do


we support elderly who are more than 80 Years old . - Right Side : He is 107 years old from Pokhara. Stories and adventures he went through is amazing to listen.

Photography & Videography

The theme of this Project is to learn form them, learn what is life and what was life. ""Preserving the history by visual stories form Key Witness" is our Goal.