We plan everyday where we can be next.

Planning in the process is very important, we go village near Pokhara or outside of Pokhara to look for People who are more then 80+ years old.

Find People !

After we find someone who is 80+

We go on scout if they will be comfortable to speak in front of the camera.

Record the stories !

Sound ! Camera ! Rolling !

We roll the camera and learn about life and the life it was.

About Katha Hijo Ko

Preserving the stories by visual stories form key witness.

We are planning to go every village area of Nepal.



Our Mission

Our mission is to learn life form people who have lived long time on planet earth!

What people think about the Project ?

This is my dream Project. I always loved old people talking about the past, and the adventure they have lived.

Sujan Kunwar

Founder & CEO

Become Volunteer

We are trying to preserve the history, if you want to be part of it. Please contact us. Thank you.