Even a small amount will help people, to bring smile to their faces.

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Full Name : Sujan Kunwar
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What will happen with the support I am willing to give?

Read below to know more about this:

We go different remote areas to find elderly people, who was recommended from people in that area. There was a case we traveled 4 hours, because we heard there was a man who was aged 96. We found him, and also, we found another 3 older aged people, it was challenging because they couldn’t hear well anymore. So, the interview was limited but we shoot some clips and nice pictures.

The amount of the fund raising for Katha Hijo Ko project will be directly going to the Elderly People in form of food, some clothes, and some pocket money. From our calculations 60% will be available for the elderly people, 40% we need for our expenses like transportation, food, and equipment and special effort.
Thank you for your gratitude, it will support the project and it will preserve the wonderful stories from the past.

Beside that we are always very touched when we say goodbye to the old people, because their closed to tears while they are happy, that people are interested in their stories and in their livelihood. They told us always please come back soon.
Just this point is so inspiring to continue the project with support from likeminded people.