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Sujan Kunwar 

He had been making a framework to find a meaningful story from the past. The main motto is to bring out the untold stories from past. Katha Hijo Ko is longing to find the lost stories from the common people. We are looking forward to finding out more and more stories and present to the audience. Katha Hijo Ko moto is what is life and what was life, preserve for the future generation to learn.

Sujan Kunwar, originally from the remote hinterland of west Nepal Syangja and currently residing in Pokhara.
Attraction towards film making brought him back to Kathmandu valley from Pokhara where he could generate more of his ideas and contacts for film making. Starting up with Kathmandu International Film Festival (KIMFF) as volunteer for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, he began his thorough practice on film making.
His one of the films was selected for Unite for Good section of Hamro Short Film Competition in 2012, while another one was picked for Climate Change in 3 minutes film contest.
He was featured in a section of Republica Daily, Nepal in April 2012.
Sujan aspires to bring up different social issues on his documentaries, while thrilling actions on long features. Apart from film making he loves photography and traveling.
With all the experiences he gained from the different work environment, he always had a dream to start a programme based on history which brings out the story from our old generation.

Sharada Kunwar 

I am Sharada Kunwar, originally from Kathmandu, Nepal and currently living in Melbourne, Australia.
I have completed my masters degree in professional accounting.

I have been working with Katha Hijo Ko team since the starting. I have been involved in management team and helping with the admin’s role. I have got opportunities to flourish myself with working in this team.

Ishwor Pokhrel

SE1EP 2,3

His name is Ishwor Pokhrel. He has been working as a host in Katha Hijo Ko.

His aim is traveling, best performer in public speaking.

He is involved in social works by being associated with many social organizations

Kripa gurung

SE1EP 2,3

Kreepa Gurung from Pokhara-Nepal. She is the host in Katha Hijo Ko.
She joins Katha Hijo Ko starting SE1EP2.
She likes to explore new things and learn new things in her life.

Kalpana B.K.


Sudip Adhakari


A. Director
Bibek Gurung

SE1EP 2,3

Bibek Gurung is a freelance photographer & videographer based in Pokhara, Nepal. He debuts as a recordist from pulse studio, Pokhara & latter undertook music video, events, restaurant/pub photography & cinematography.

Now, he embarked himself into a new challenge, a new genre i.e., Documentary.

Moreover, he is interested in capturing the ancient way of living through his lens, he aspires to be a film maker in future.

A. Director
Seeta Rana



SE1EP 2,3

Dilip Gurung started his photography Career in 2016 and videography in 2017.

He is trying to walk in those ways where he always wants to go. Working hard to make this as his career.

Katha Hijo Ko, he is working as a second camera person and cinematographer.


SE1EP 2,3

He is a photography enthusiast stepping into videography.

He is building his carrier into photography & videography, he works as BTS (behind the scenes) documentary.

He is a book lover & also creative thinker.

Loves working with a camera.

Devil Gurung


Video Editor
Ranjeet Shrestha

SE1EP 1,2,3

Sudip Kunwar


Special Thanks

Bimala Dhakal

Katha Hijo Ko

Club House Team - 2 TA KURA


Photography + Videography