Katha hijo ko is a program that strives to bring the old and the new together.
With passing times have come technologies that our ancestors could only dream of. Westernization is a charm but has also borne us a hindrance. The culture, that was so vibrant in the past, is now slowly fading. Without preserving our culture and our past, we will be the shell of what glories our predecessors left us. There is so much left to learn from the past. Our famed history, even within small nooks and crannies throughout the country, needs to live on. Grandparents are the pillars of the society that it was fundamentally laid on. We need to learn humility, respect, and lifetime- skills from them that the textbooks don’t provide. Most important, stories teach us the importance of family. There is nothing more sacred than the bond and the love between families.
Katha Hijo Ko is a catalogue of the tales that our grandparents have, which will enrich us all with lessons that will carry us through our future endeavors.
Most of the historical photos and documentaries that are available to us have come from foreign which we are hoping to change though this program. Big media houses like Animal Planet, History and National Geography are seen to be capturing such history throughout the world but Nepal still doesn’t have any local media to document our own history. Katha Hijo Ko is a quest is to become one of the first local producers to capture history from these legends.