What is STMG?

Samyam Tech and Media Group (STMG), previously known as Sajha Entertainment, was founded by Mr. Sujan Kunwar in his studio apartment on 11 February 2017. The company is based in Pokhara and now is a company with a team of 8 diligent members. The company was established with the sole purpose of finding and promoting Nepali talent. STMG owns and maintains a YouTube channel having 45 thousand subscribers and more than 4.9 million views as of today. Through the company YouTube channel, STMG has interviewed celebrities and participated in events that included promotion of major movies like Prem Geet 2, Meri Mamu, Sayekada Das etc.
The company took a break for a year in 2020 due to personal reasons but is back now with more trending videos and invigorating ideas than before.

How Katha Hijo Ko started?

A concept primarily thought by Sujan and then shared among the group, Katha hijo ko planning started in March of 2021. The team proceeded to film in 5 locations and started editing the videos they captured.

Where it took us?

To Syangja, Kristi, Pamey, Thulokhet and Tangting villages where Sujan, Ranjit, Kreepa, Kalpana, Dilip, Deepak, Bibek and Ishwor to shoot the first season of Katha Hijo Ko.

What are we doing now?

Katha Hijo Ko is now the main project of STMG. We hunt for invigorating stories and bring them to you in a documentary form. We also provide support to the people that we interview. We plan to increase the support we provide, and thus have also started to collected donations and sponsors.