F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Question

What does Katha Hijo Ko do?

We travel to places and collect all the invigorating tales that our elderly have to offer. We also offer small amount of financial support to people we interview.
What is in our support hamper?
Our support hamper has financial support as well as a ration kit consisting of: carton of noodles,

How do we know our money is being spent properly?

Our destinations and financial transactions are documented in Google docs as well as videos. Click here to know more

How can I Help?

The funding essentially helps us to plan and execute our trips. it also helps families because we offer financial support to the elderly we visit. Click here to donate You can also help us by directly donating How can I become a partner? You can call us directly at +977 985 600 5113 or email us @ kathahijoko@gmail.com